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Naav By Avneet Collection Prodcuts For Women

Written by Avneet Adwani


Posted on October 10 2022

NAAV is an organic certified Apparel & Lifestyle Store & Production Unit with an underlying aim to empower our rural craftsmen, revive fading local arts, and transition the apparel sector to sustainable fashion through our environmentally conscious approach. Providing an overarching goal of sustaining Rajasthan's dying arts while also being an environmentally conscious Apparel & Lifestyle Store. 'NAAV' believes in meaningfully touching lives, from our rural artisans, known as 'NAAV' Women, to urban patrons, through sustainable design, and caters to both Indian and international clients with the same zeal.

NAAV arose from our desire to slow down, trust the process, and simplify our lives; to live in the moment. NAAV is a modest start toward connecting the hands that create timeless artifacts with those who think that everything has a soul. It is a celebration of age-old crafts and is about respecting our mother nature and finding delight in life's minor blemishes. To encourage slow fashion, we at NAAV want to highlight timeless couture that is unconstrained by fads; that embodies a character and novel richness of its own. Time has emancipated our artisans, our magicians. NAAV is always looking for ways to collaborate with conscious, ethical brands. As we enter the fast-paced world of 'fashion,' we are humbled and proud to have patrons who believe in us and our legacy.

Avneet has opened her flagship apparel and lifestyle store 'NAAV' in Jaipur as a true manifestation of her devotion to sustainable fashion and the mainstreaming of local workmanship. She deliberately selects new and conscious labels that reflect her values. NAAV is more than a store to her; it's a space that brings together the diverse interpretations of many designers from across the country.

Avneet has over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry and is passionate about slow fashion and ethical business practices. Her shop reflects her entire identity and ideologies. 'NAAV - The Mindful Courtyard' is more than just a lifestyle clothing store; it is an organically cultivated, conscious space. Take a moment to reflect in our courtyard and be immersed in the timeless beauty of our specially curated communion with art and culture. We curate a journey rather than a moment in order to consistently bring patrons closer to the artists.