Top 10 Rakhi Dresses for Women 2024: The Best Picks by Naav

Top 10 Rakhi Dresses for Women 2024: The Best Picks by Naav

Rakhi, also known as Raksha Bandhan, is a cherished Indian festival that celebrates the bond between brothers and sisters. This special occasion involves sisters tying a protective thread around their brothers' wrists, symbolizing love and protection. As with any festive celebration, dressing up in beautiful attire is an essential part of the festivities. In 2024, choosing the perfect Rakhi dress is all about blending traditional elegance with contemporary style.

Why Choose Naav for Your Rakhi Dress?

Naav is a brand synonymous with quality, style, and comfort. Known for their exquisite designs and attention to detail, Naav offers a range of outfits that are perfect for Rakhi and other festive occasions. Their dresses are crafted with the finest fabrics and feature intricate embroidery and embellishments, making them ideal for celebrating in style.

Top 10 Rakhi Dresses for Women 2024 by Naav

1. Amira Set

The Amira Set is a stunning wrap Anarkali kurta paired with matching pants and a dupatta. Crafted in rose silk organza, this kurta features a contrasting yellow slip and heavily embellished yellow organza dupatta. The wrap kurta is adorned with shell tassels, and the pants have an elastic waist for added comfort. This set is made with 100% cotton, silk organza, and viscose satin, ensuring a soft and breathable fabric.

2. Embroidered Myra Set

The Myra Set is an ivory silk sharara set with heavy pastel embroidery, perfect for effortless summer styling. It includes a sleeveless kurta with ring adjusters, sharara pants, and a moss green organza embroidered dupatta. The set is made with 100% viscose silk and silk organza, offering a soft and luminous fabric.

3. Noor Boho Skirt Set

The Noor Boho Skirt Set is a flowy three-piece ensemble that’s perfect for a beach wedding look. It features a sleeveless twisted top with mirror work, a flouncy asymmetrical skirt, and a kota doria printed dupatta with tassels. This set is all about easy-to-wear silhouettes that feel amazing with the right accessories.

4. Noor Anarkali Set in Blue

The Noor Anarkali Set in Blue is a glamorous option for the festive season. It combines multiple prints with mirror embroidery, a round neckline, and keyhole back. The set includes printed mirror border pants and a mirror-embroidered organza dupatta with tassels.

5. Noor Flowy Skirt Top Set in Pink

The Noor Flowy Skirt Top Set in Pink is a breezy and shiny two-piece set. The top features a loose pattern with a boat neckline and flare sleeves, while the lehenga includes a voluminous high-waist belt. This easy-to-wear silhouette is perfect for various occasions when paired with the right accessories.

6. Noor Floral Wrap

The Noor Floral Wrap is a drapey fall dress in lightweight organza with mirror embroidery on the neck and sleeves. It includes a tie-up with tassels and a matching camisole. This flowy silhouette is perfect for a summer wedding look and can be paired with chic jewelry and heels.

7. Rooh Blouse, Lehenga, and Dupatta in Ruby

This three-piece set includes a statement wrap-around blouse with puff elbow-length sleeves, a pink printed lehenga skirt, and a scallop dori-embroidered dupatta. The Rooh set is perfect for those who love vibrant colors and intricate designs.

8. Noor Set

The Noor Set features a pleated skirt, blouse, and cape in soft pink florals. The skirt is designed to resemble a sari and is made of airy cotton. The sleeveless princess cut blouse and silk organza cape in matching prints complete the look, making it ideal for summer styling.

9. Noor Mirror Sari in Pink

The Noor Mirror Sari in Pink is a statement piece with a mirror embroidery palla and a square neckline mirror-embroidered blouse. This saree exudes grace and opulence, making it a must-have for festive occasions. Pair it with embellished flats and silver earrings for a complete look.

10. Noor Sari Set in Orange

The Noor Sari Set in Orange features a placement printed skirt saree with a mirror-embroidered waistbelt. The V-shaped neckline mirror-embroidered blouse with short sleeves completes this elegant set. Complement it with embellished flats and silver accessories for a stylish look.


Rakhi is a special occasion that deserves a special outfit. Naav’s 2024 collection offers a range of beautiful dresses that blend traditional and contemporary styles. Each piece is designed to make you feel elegant and comfortable, ensuring you look your best while celebrating this cherished festival.


1. What is the best fabric for Rakhi dresses?

  • Lightweight and breathable fabrics like cotton, silk, and organza are ideal for Rakhi dresses as they keep you comfortable throughout the day.
2. How can I accessorize my Rakhi outfit?
  • Pair your outfit with statement jewelry, matching footwear, and a stylish clutch to complete the festive look.
3. Are these dresses suitable for other festive occasions?
  • Yes, these dresses are versatile and can be worn for various festive occasions and celebrations.
    4. Can I find these dresses online?
    • Yes, you can browse and purchase these dresses on Naav’s official website and other online fashion platforms.
      5. What sizes are available for these dresses?
      • Naav offers a range of sizes to cater to different body types. Check their size guide on the website for more details.
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