Our Story

 NAAV is an organic certified Apparel & Lifestyle Store & Production Unit, with an underlying commitment to empower our rural artisans, resurrect the fading local arts and evolve the apparel industry to sustainable fashion with our environment conservative approach. Delivering an overarching purpose of giving sustenance to the dying arts of Rajasthan, along with being an environment conservative Apparel & Lifestyle Store. Catering to Indian and International clientele with the same aplomb, ‘NAAV’ believes in meaningfully impacting lives, from our rural artisans, called ‘NAAV’ Women, to urban patrons, through sustainable fashion.

NAAV was born out of our desire to slow down, to trust the process and simplify life; to live in the moment. NAAV is a humble step towards forming a link between the hands that craft timeless pieces with the people who believe that everything has a soul. It is a celebration of age-old crafts and techniques...it is respect for our mother nature, it is about finding joy in the little imperfections of life.We at NAAV attempt to showcase timeless couture that is unbounded by trends; that embody a character and novel richness of its own to promote slow fashion. Our artisans, our magic makers are liberated with time. At NAAV, we constantly strive to partner with conscious ethical brands. As we step into the fast-paced world of ‘fashion’, we are humbled and proud to have garnered support by patrons who believe in us and our legacy. 

As a true expression of her commitment to sustainable fashion and mainstreaming of local craftsmanship, Avneet has launched her flagship apparel and lifestyles store 'NAAV' in Jaipur. She carefully handpicks innovative and conscious labels that align with her ethos. For her, NAAV is not just a store but a space that ties together unique interpretations of various designers across the country. 

With over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry, Avneet has a penchant for slow fashion and ethical industry practices. Her store reflects every bit of her identity and ideologies. Beyond being a lifestyle clothing store, 'NAAV - The Mindful Courtyard' is an organically cultivated, conscious space. Take a mindful respite in our courtyard, and be absorbed in the timelessness of our uniquely curated communion with art and culture. With a purpose to consistently bring patrons closer to the artists, we curate, not a moment, but a journey.